PhD Dissertation: Got it!

Today I got my Phd on Digital Cities. All the professors were really impressed about User Generated Online Cities. They kept 40mins hearing my dissertation and they agreed for a ‘Very good’ promotion.
After that, they asked me if I’m interested to publish the work. Of course!
Great day.

<edited on 22nd Oct 2015>
Here the pubblication (only ITA):


Phd Dissertation

After 3 years of work, I have finally finished my dissertation. I would like to invite you to my doctoral defense about Digital Cities next Wednesday, the 31st March 2010, at 11am in the Aula del Consiglio of the University of Parma. Let me give special thanks to my thesis director prof. Michele Zazzi and all of you who supported this project over the past years.  Those of you who can not come, I look forward to seeing you some other time (phisically or virtually).</ENG>