Five Reasons Samsung Galaxy Tab won’t be a success

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Last week on the high speed train dedicated to the Social Media Week Rome I was speaking with @fraintesa @daniele_ferrari about the Galaxy Tab. And both we agree Galaxy Tab won’t be a success.

These are the reasons:

  1. Too Small to be an ipad: for reading easily and interactively newspapers, journals, books
  2. Too Big to be a phone: it’s bulky & awkward if you wanna make a phone call with built-in speakers, broadcasting the call with all the world; and if you use headsets, in many cases people got issues.
  3. Slower than an eeePc to produce contents: larger screen and keyboard make eeePCs ideal to produce contents
  4. Hand ache on writing hard: in general tablets have no keyboard and if you write a lot the pressure of the finger on the screen is harder than on keyboard’s keys and you could frequently suffer of hand ache
  5. Too expensive! Not everybody want to spend that price for an half tablet.