How to find your lost Android mobile phone (if turned on)

First of all, you must be lucky to have your mobile turned on and with some battery.

I used this method that saved me hours of research. I always have a good excuse that my child moved it somewhere. Actually it’s because of me that I’m frequently distracted by email, istant message, skype call, etc, and it happens frequently.

So, let’s start logging in to Google play with your Android mobile username at this application link.

You click on install and select your phone (if you have only one just click on install).

Wheres My Android automatically will be installed on the phone you own.

Then get another phone and prepare for sending some text message to activate special functions.

Here is the application website where you can check all the features related to the basic and pro version

In my case I just sent the message “wmd ring” and this feature makes the phone ring on max volume, even if the volume was set to silent/vibrate mode.

I found it in seconds ’cause the phone was lost at home.

While if your mobile has been stolen or lost you can use many other features that could be useful for you such as localization (“wmd gps”) or stealth mode.

I hope this post may help you as this app helped me.


Static page with dynamic contents managed by WordPress

If you have had my same problem to have a nice enough template to be accepted by your client and your site is mainly a static site but with the necessity of your client to modify and update contents by himself this is the right place.

Short Story
I bought a html template well designed and with all the features I need. My client approved that template and, in the future he would like to edit or correct some part of the contents that are mainly static pages. His tech skills are very low and he already used wordpress for a personal website and he founds a very smart interface and he want it. Definitely.

And now?
I thought about it for some days and I decided to keep my original html template adding some special features that allow some part of contents’ modification.

In which way?

Using a WP CMS to edit contents and printing that contents inside the old html template.

Theoretically easy.

Pratically easy too. You just need to know some bases.

Let’s go doing it.


1. Create a wp installation in a directory of your choice. In my case I installed in root/wp/

2. Rename the index.html in index.php giving the dynamic to the page  (skip this point if you already have a php homepage)

3. copy this code in the very top of your page (in this way you get all the potentiality of wordpress inside your site):


4. now, inside the template put some other code to get the post’s content (or also page if you prefer)

if you want to get the WP contents inside your site, let’s call it e.g. using this method (I get contents from the post n. “1”, change the number to get your specific post):

$post_id = 1
$queried_post = get_post($post_id);
$title = $queried_post->post_title;
echo $title;?>
echo $queried_post->post_content;

If you need the title text you can call it through this method (also in this case the number “1” is related to the post ID number):

<?php echo get_the_title(1); ?>

How to know your post ID?

5. That’s it. Enjoy 😉 Now you can use your wp admin section to modify the text inside your old static html page.



Five Reasons Samsung Galaxy Tab won’t be a success

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Last week on the high speed train dedicated to the Social Media Week Rome I was speaking with @fraintesa @daniele_ferrari about the Galaxy Tab. And both we agree Galaxy Tab won’t be a success.

These are the reasons:

  1. Too Small to be an ipad: for reading easily and interactively newspapers, journals, books
  2. Too Big to be a phone: it’s bulky & awkward if you wanna make a phone call with built-in speakers, broadcasting the call with all the world; and if you use headsets, in many cases people got issues.
  3. Slower than an eeePc to produce contents: larger screen and keyboard make eeePCs ideal to produce contents
  4. Hand ache on writing hard: in general tablets have no keyboard and if you write a lot the pressure of the finger on the screen is harder than on keyboard’s keys and you could frequently suffer of hand ache
  5. Too expensive! Not everybody want to spend that price for an half tablet.

Coolhandle hosting problem. Ep.1

At the moment my ticket support system has got an issue and is unavailable since 3 weeks, i haven’t got any answer from tech guys.

For communications they suggested to use the email where they never reply me.

The Live chat is mostly off and when someone is there he can’t do anything, he can’t solve problems and he can’t open issue because my account has got the problem on the ticket support system.

I think it has one of the worst support system I never experienced.

On their Twitter accountthey say: “We achieve 100% satisfaction”, with me you achieved 10% so far. I hope you will better your service.

After 720 hours coolhandle solved the problem.

PhD Dissertation: Got it!

Today I got my Phd on Digital Cities. All the professors were really impressed about User Generated Online Cities. They kept 40mins hearing my dissertation and they agreed for a ‘Very good’ promotion.
After that, they asked me if I’m interested to publish the work. Of course!
Great day.

<edited on 22nd Oct 2015>
Here the pubblication (only ITA):


Phd Dissertation

After 3 years of work, I have finally finished my dissertation. I would like to invite you to my doctoral defense about Digital Cities next Wednesday, the 31st March 2010, at 11am in the Aula del Consiglio of the University of Parma. Let me give special thanks to my thesis director prof. Michele Zazzi and all of you who supported this project over the past years.  Those of you who can not come, I look forward to seeing you some other time (phisically or virtually).</ENG>