Vulcano is hope

Vulcano is a Land/Community born from an idea of total openness. Openness to the management of resources, to Avatars, to political beliefs, to religions.

Vulcano has been a kind of hope, an hope that something different is still possible.

Over time Vulcano has changed, prominent figures led it directly or indirectly, have been defined lines of conduct, first projects have strong characterized the image and the idea of Vulcano. Such as Elwe Elwing’s mega-tree and Bru Yang’s ship are the DNA of Vulcano.

We should start from this, the DNA. I think the questions suggested by OpenSource Obscure have reached not by chance.

What would I save and what would I cancell in Vulcano?

First of all I would start from initial ideas, saving highest concepts:
Vulcano belongs to everyone, without discrimination.
Vulcano is for freedom, equality, fraternity.
Vulcano pursuing collective interests.
Vulcano belongs to Vulcano’s people as much as all the not Vulcano’s people. Vulcano is a testing ground, is a laboratory of ideas, is a community driven by curiosity, is a land of freedom and hope.

Maybe Vulcano deserves to be rethought in terms of its social structure, what kind of community is Vulcano?
A free government, based on the points written above, might be sufficient for a community?
Or, Vulcano needs a governance structure more precise?

Unfortunately I have no answer to these questions.

About Objects on Vulcano, I think they should respond to collective needs, or be appreciated by the community as the important parts of the history of Vulcano (such as the Bru Yang’s ship, the Elwe Elwing’s tree ELWE and Platform Open).

Therefore I would avoid objects made for purely personal needs, or which are not regarded positively by the community (if they exceeding a certain number of Prims? Or all of those?). A feedback will be collected with this Opensource Obscure’s poll and it will be a first indicator of a right way to get.

Thanks to Open for this good idea: P

Simone Riccardi aka turboy Runo

PS thanks also to David Orban for the most great idea: Vulcano itself.