How to find your lost Android mobile phone (if turned on)

First of all, you must be lucky to have your mobile turned on and with some battery.

I used this method that saved me hours of research. I always have a good excuse that my child moved it somewhere. Actually it’s because of me that I’m frequently distracted by email, istant message, skype call, etc, and it happens frequently.

So, let’s start logging in to Google play with your Android mobile username at this application link.¬†

You click on install and select your phone (if you have only one just click on install).

Wheres My Android automatically will be installed on the phone you own.

Then get another phone and prepare for sending some text message to activate special functions.

Here is the application website where you can check all the features related to the basic and pro version

In my case I just sent the message “wmd ring” and this feature makes the phone ring on max volume, even if the volume was set to silent/vibrate mode.

I found it in seconds ’cause the phone was lost at home.

While if your mobile has been stolen or lost you can use many other features that could be useful for you such as localization (“wmd gps”) or stealth mode.

I hope this post may help you as this app helped me.